Truckfighters – V


Being a fan of a band, and more specifically, being a fan of a band which provides its audience constantly with premium sound material, can make one wonder, whether it is able to keep on doing such a challenging task. This question tends to cross our minds way more frequently, before the release of a new album. If Truckfighters wanted to send a message -which could also serve as an answer to this question- by releasing “V” , is that they are capable, not only to implement a successful -as well as tested and trusted- recipe, but also to enhance its elements in a subtle, yet fascinating manner. As far as the elements are concerned, the most remarkable among them, is their ability to balance uniquely between calmness and heavier musical “paths”, in almost each and every one of its songs, and by the looks of it, “V” does not make for an exception. To be more specific, “Calm Before The Storm” may have a mellow start, but it goes on to offer some of the most firm riffs of the album. On the other hand, “The 1” or “Storyline”, radiate a stoner feeling, which however takes turns with softer and -maybe- psychedelic interludes. Taking also into consideration, the clearer, and definitely, improved sound quality, “V” is an album to listen, when you want your mind to be carried to the desert. And who knows…while listening to it, you might even see it out of the window…

Highlights: Storyline, Gehenna