Corey Taylor says that President Donald Trump and the people who voted for him are “fucking morons.” The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman has been vocal about his distaste for the billionaire real estate mogul for at least the past four years, telling a Des Moines, Iowa radio in a 2015 interview that he would “emigrate” if Trump became president.

This time, in a recent interview with The Fader, Taylor revealed that he had to start his “America 51” book over twice because of what happened in the 2016 presidential election. “I could not believe that people would vote for a fucking moron like him,” he said. “That’s what insults me the most. You can paint him as racist, or egotistical, or a tyrant, or all of this shit: He’s a moron, and the people who fucking voted for him? Fucking morons too. It doesn’t matter why they voted for him, whether they are racist, or they want money. They’ve done more to set us back even further globally than anything I’ve ever seen in my fucking lifetime. And that’s coming from somebody who wrote a whole fucking song about George W. Bush. This guy, it’s going to take us 20 years to fucking undo half the shit that he’s done.

“Honestly, I come at it from a fan standpoint. Most of our fans are of color, are from different countries, speak different fucking languages, love different people. I don’t want my fucking fans getting killed. I don’t want my kids getting killed.

“And the worst thing is that it has emboldened fucking racism. And people can fucking talk that and fight me on that all they want. I called it in my book. I’m seeing it now. Why do you think that in ‘All Out Life’ I said, ‘I’m tired of being right about everything that I’ve said’? It’s because I am. It sucks.”