Those of you who notice the album’s title will probably wonder how come it is considered to be a new release since history has it recorded since 1991. And I wouldn’t blame you; I thought the same thing. After the first hearing though I realized it’s not the same, but rather a remake of a bunch of oldies, accompanied by a new song, as a warm-up for the fans before the upcoming tour!

In this one, we get to listen to material totally fitting to a modern glam attitude, and tracks that are everything but indifferent. Some songs that stand out of the whole are “Put out or Get out”, “What Comes around Goes Around”, “Round’em Up”, and “Want Trouble – You Got it”.

The contribution of the well-known “rat” Stephern Pearcy in “What Comes Around Goes Around” is also notable, in the song that I personally consider to be the hit of the release.

I would rather they left the U.S. borders behind them a bit in their touring schedule, so that we can have the chance to enjoy a show from one of the biggest cult names of the golden years of 80s hair metal.