Turning to Crime… Deep Purple announcement coming in a month’s time


earMUSIC has launched a mini website teasing an announcement about Deep Purple, which will be out on October 6th.

Possibly, this is about a new album, or a new song. Despite the fact that the band’s latest album was released in August 2020, various members revealed that they have been working on new material during the lockdown.

Specifically, Roger Glover told a fan during a virtual meet & greet that Purple’s goal was to enter the studio in 2021 to record a new album. “All this COVID situation has meant that we can’t tour. We’re twiddling our thumbs, really, for over a year, and the idea was to possibly go back in and do another album. And so we’re just working towards that. It’s so quick after we’d done the last album, [and] maybe that will spoil things, but we’re gonna try and do another album at some point next year. We’re experimenting with stuff.”