Twisted Sister continues its 40th anniversary with yet another release that is forwarded almost exclusively to the die hard fans of the band (and why not, to all those who collect all things Mike Portnoy). The truth is that in the last few months there has been an overflow of official Sister products without much time gap in between them. So, after the sensational “We Are Twisted Fucking Sister” documentary, “Rock and Roll Saviors CD Box Set and the imminent release of another best of package (“The Best of the Atlantic Years”), here comes “Metal Meltdown”!

The two differential points on this one is that Twisted Sister performs without their trademark make up and secondly this is the virgin official release of the band that features Mike Portnoy behind the drums. The main menu includes another bombastic and flawless performance by Twisted Sister depicting a frenzy Dee Snider who proves once again what an imposing frontman he is…let alone that Iggy Pop would be proud of Dee Snider’s fatless body! No surprises on the set list as “Love is for suckers” is criminally ignored by the band (again) while the entire show is dedicated to the memory of the late drummer AJ Pero. It would be a mishap if we didn’t mention that we are treated here with quite possibly the best live version of “Burn In Hell” although the Las Vegas crowd is so slumberous that makes you wonder if they are there for the right show! In the bonus features we get a rather typical documentary packed with interviews which unfortunately does not add something to our data base about the band.

“Metal Meltdown” is yet another satisfying release by Twisted Sister that reminds us all (not that there was any need) how energetic and in your face a Twisted Sister live experience is!

Highlight: AJ Pero has confided in his band mates –long before he died- that if there was ever a time that he could not play in Twisted Sister, he wanted his replacement to be…Mike Portnoy.