Twisted Tower Dire were kind of unfortunate because they emerged in an era where the heavy metal style they chose to serve was balancing between the underground and obsolescence. Still they managed to carve an important career while gaining stronger following with every release. It was 2011 when the band released the fifth studio album titled Make It Dark (the first one with Jonny Aune on vocals, Tony Taylor’s successor) and shortly after guitarist and band leader Scott Waldrop decided to put TTD on hold for an indefinite amount of time. His occupation with Walpyrgus sort of showed that he had found a new channel for his creativity and the future for TTD looked kind of dim. With this in mind, Wars In the Unknown was a very pleasant surprise, emerging literally out of the blue.

It didn’t take more than 2 to 3 songs to realize that this album stands undisputedly higher than its predecessor. Wars In The Unknown is an album that captivates the listener right from the very start. The compositions are direct, well-crafted and faithful to the TTD heritage. Another bonus feature is its duration. 10 songs in 41 minutes is nothing short of ideal. Aune has adapted completely, sounding more dynamic and artistically free compared to his debut 8 years ago.

The wait has definitely paid off and the band is back on the saddle, sounding fresh and strong. So what is next? I definitely hope TTD will hit the road and spread the word for the new album, while including Greece as a destination. Which is quite possible since the Greek No Remorse label is currently behind the band.