Image always played a key role inside the heavy metal universe. There is virtually no great band that didn’t employ costumes, assume roles or adopt some kind of concept during their career.



In the recent years this is becoming even more obvious as far as it concerns the next generation of greats. All current bands that tour the world and play sold out shows in front of old and new fans, either cash in on existing myths and historical facts or create their very own worlds and fictional stories while using the according stage props and costumes for a complete stage experience. Powerwolf and Gloryhammer are two apparent examples and the news of a touring coalition were greeted with enthusiasm, selling out one venue after another. On one hand the Gothic terror of Powerwolf, filled with blood, vampires and werewolves, taking place inside haunted cathedrals and dark cellars.

On the other the intergalactic armada of Gloryhammer which uses its spaceships to bridge Scotland with the Terrorvortexes of the universe. These charming concepts though would be just meaningless bubbles if they lacked their perfectly executed power metal soundtracks, with uplifting and catchy choruses and bombastic orchestrations. With all things said, the 29th of November is a great and rare opportunity to witness and enjoy two great bands at the height of their career, both carrying their impressive costumes as well as their brand new albums.

Kostas Kounadinis