Two working titles for the new Saxon album


In a recent interview with Biff Byford on SiriusXM and Eddie Trunk’s radio show he revealed two possible titles for the new Saxon album.

“I’ve got a couple of working titles. I’m not supposed to tell anybody, but seeing as it’s America, I’ll let you know, okay? We might call it ‘Carpe Diem’, which is Latin for ‘Seize The Day’. Which I quite like. It looks good — Saxon ‘Seize The Day’. Or we might call it ‘The Pilgrimage’, which is another song that we have on the album. So there you go.”

The emblematic singer had just finished the vocals for the album, as he also said: “I just finished the vocals about 20 minutes before I came on the phone with you. It’s going off to Andy Sneap. And he’ll be mixing it sometime before June. And then it’ll ready to go.”

He also clarified that there is no possibility for the new album to be released before February 2022.