Tyrant’s Reign – Fragments Of Time


Tyrant’s Reign was one of those bands that contributed their own special piece on the American underground heavy metal scene of the 80s and managed, within their short lived presence, to create their own myth. In 1987 they released the iconic Year of the Tyrants EP and supported it with explosive live performances that echoed throughout Illinois, a place pulsing with heavy metal life. They disbanded in the early 90s like the vast majority of their colleagues and the EP became a desired collector’s piece. People didn’t forget about them though (after all the band members remained active through other groups) and a reformation in the early 00s was greeted with enthusiasm. In 2004 the anthology of the group was released, containing most cuts of the EP and the demos recorded around that time. Fragments of Time is actually the re-release of this out of print anthology. A great opportunity for more people to discover the great music of Tyrant’s Reign. The band represents the U.S. power metal in its finest form, the high pitched vocals of Randy Barron clash with the razor sharp guitar duels of Nelken/Miller and the result reaches the boundaries of Thrash metal without sounding dated at all. A mandatory buy for all the friends of that particular sound.