U.D.O. – Celebrator

No, this is not a brand new studio album by Udo Dirkschneider, Stefan Kaufmann and Co. This is a double-cd collection with rare and partially unreleased material in the frame of the 25th anniversary of U.D.O. The fact that it once again coincides –a few weeks give or take- with an Accept release, I am sure that only beneficial can be for both fans (that will have plenty material to dwell into) and U.D.O. alike.

In regards with “Celebrator”, we must point down that it includes 25 songs that have either appeared in the past with c.d. singles, EP, B’ sides, Tribute Albums, Bonus Japanese Tracks or were previously unreleased. The positive aspect of the album is that one realizes almost instantly that even the most obscure U.D.O. song is of a high level and has absolutely nothing to be jealous of the regular and well-known songs that ended up in the albums. My twofold objection has to do with the fact that the songs do not cover the band’s entire career as they mainly focus on the 2004-2012 period (it is only logical, though, as that was when U.D.O. signed with current label AFM) and that the truly unreleased songs are not that many! Don’t forget that this collection is aimed towards the die hard fans. Just imagine that out of the 25 in total songs, I haven’t previously listened to 4 of them.

That being said, this is an anniversary release that compiles in one package the majority of the scattered obscure songs of U.D.O…Happy Birthday, guys…Long Live, U.D.O.!

Highlight: The U.D.O. mascot since 2007 once again graces the cover sleeve of “Celebrator”…