U.D.O. – Decadent


After a few experiments over the last decade, one of the greatest legends of metal returns to his roots. The old hand Udo leaves aside the “strange” productions and at the same time he shows an enviable reconstruction.

“Decadent”, without being ecstatic (this has to happen since 2004 with “Thunderball”), is a decent and mainly an honest album. The sound of the new album of U.D.O. could be the one of the first period of his solo career, as the well-known choral melodies and the guitar riffs and solos are prevailing, elements which have marked the sound that accompanies the unique voice of Udo all these years.
The album is good in terms of composition too. “Decadent”, “Pain”, “Breathless” and not only, have both aggressive mood and hot, melodic refrains which really reminds you of the early albums of the band, almost twenty-five years ago. “Secrets In Paradise” has, let’s say, a leading place in “Decadent” and could be considered as its top moment. On the other hand, the funny and disconnected “Mystery” could better be avoided, and the also funny cover could be finest.
“Decadent” is a well-written album by one of the most hardworking musicians of metal music, a constant value who surely every almost two years presents a new album, and even if the level of its one of them range from moderate to excellent, in any case it’s the honest soul deposit and the respect he shows to his fans and mainly to himself.


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