PRESS RELEASE: Undergrove came to life in the spring of 2019 to pay tribute to the melodic death metal sound, enriched in the meantime with doom, folk, as well as with black metal elements. The project consists of well-trained musicians, coming from bands such as Mist of Nihil, Millions Rise, Exanda, only to be completed by Panos Leakos’ vocals (Aetherian). The band is ready to set off by presenting to you their first official music video for the track “To Make Amends”, which will be included in their forthcoming “Sundering” EP, scheduled for release in the immediate future.

Undergrove online:

Directed by: Kleanthis V.K.
Mix/Mastering: Petros Petalas (The Sullen)‚Äč
Logo: Giannis Nakos (Remedy Art Design)
Artwork: Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa)

Prepare yourselves for a unique journey, under the perspective of Ghost Brigade and Harakiri for the Sky. Undergrove hail from Athens, Greece.