Udo Dirkschneider – My Way


Words are not enough to completely describe who this man is and how much he has contributed to music. Despite the many health problems he suffered for years, as well as his advanced age, the General is constantly on the forefront presenting only beautiful things.

Here, we are dealing with a cover album. My standard position for this type of releases is that although I got a little tired of them, I will accept them as long as the covers respect the original performances and this does not concern the arrangement at all. In that matter Udo gets an A+. All of the seventeen cover songs he included in “My Way”, vary from decent, to excellent. The title that Udo gave to this album clearly shows that these songs belong to his influences that lead him up today in a brilliant career. Some of these songs are difficult and we often say that they can’t be “touched”, and others are so classic that theoretically speaking they are not the wisest choice. And yet, the singer’s intelligence and the respect he shows for these diamonds make “My Way” sound like one of the best cover releases ever. However, I would like to single out some of these songs as the definition of the correct cover, always based on my own criteria. “Fire” (Arthur Brown), “Sympathy” (Uriah Heep), “T.N.T.” (AC / DC), “Hell Bent For Leather” (Judas Priest) and “The Stroke” (Billy Squier) are excellent performances and bring these songs very close to the well-known style of Udo and are mainly the ones that confirm my opinion, I will leave for the end “Rock And Roll” (Led Zeppelin), “Man On The Silver Mountain” (Rainbow), “My Way” (Frank Sinatra) and “We Will Rock You” (Queen) the “risk” on which is high, but the quality of the performance is also high.

It’s worth supporting “My Way”, basically for what it is, but it’s also another thumbs up to a musician who stands the test of time!