Udo - Wolf Hoffmann
Yiannis Dolas

In a recent interview with Australian podcast “Scars And Guitars”, Udo Dirkschneider said that he is never going to work with (Accept’s guitarist) Wolf Hoffmann.

When he was asked if he has any contact with Hoffmann he said: “”Never. And I don’t wanna have any contact with him… I’m really good friends now again with (ex-Accept bassist) Peter Baltes; he did all the bass guitars on my new cover album, for example. I still have a good relationship with (ex Accept – drummer) Stefan Kaufmann. Over the years, he was the guitar player in U.D.O. and he was producing U.D.O. and stuff like that. And the only guy I don’t wanna talk to — let’s say it this way — is Wolf. There’s a lot of reasons why. I wish him all the best. [He’s] a great guitar player anyway, but for me to work with him again — never.”

He also mentioned that current Accept singer, Mark Tornillo, didn’t even say “hello” to him when they met one time… “There was a festival, Masters Of Rock, happening in the Czech Republic, and I was a guest singer of Lordi — I did a song together with Lordi. And Lordi was headlining and Accept was the special guest of this festival, not the headliner. And at the hotel, we were waiting both for a driver, and he never said to me hello or something like that. Okay, I mean, what can I do? Why not say hello? I’m also really good friends with David Reece who did Accept’s ‘Eat The Heat’ album. We are really, really good friends; we talk sometimes on the phone and blah blah blah. I don’t know… What I heard from Peter is that it was not allowed that he talk to me. Don’t ask me. Forget it… He’s a good singer, he’s doing a good job now with Accept, and I wish him good luck. And maybe one day [we will meet and speak to each other]. You never know.”