UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars


I don’t think there was a single person back in 2000, the time after the release of “Covenant” and the final rift with Michael Schenker, who believed that UFO would not only continue to exist as a band but also would release new albums steadily every two or three years , most of them really good.  Certainly, no one relied on Vinnie Moore and the freshness he gave the British legends. It is a fact though that UFO gave the impression of washed up rockers even since the end of the 80’s.

“A Conspiracy Of Stars” is another proof that this band who taught rock and roll to many generations, not only refuses to die but also is capable of writing very good songs without losing the character they maintain for forty years now. It’s another great release with songs which might as well be considered as classics. I dare to say that “Sugar Cane”, “The Real Deal” and “King Of The Hill” could easily be included in a future “Best Of” album while moments as “Rolling Rolling “ put the listener into a time machine travelling to the late  70’s.

UFO sound exactly like UFO. They have their recognizable sound for which the “great” Chris Tsangarides is responsible, in a production taken from the glorious times of the old wolves of rock music.

It is really worth investing on this album, it’s high quality work from people who some others might haughtily call “grandpas”. Personally speaking, if the grandpas play well I don’t have the slightest problem listening to them instead of trying to find positive things in some young exquisite musicians’ works who are also driven by the music industry.