Uli Jon Roth noticed that the level of music journalist is lower compared to the old days with the emergence of webzines that replaced magazines at 69 Faces Of Rock: “It’s a reality the media has completely changed. Also, the quality has changed. Back then, in England or Germany or America, when you had writers, they were like real writers. They knew how to spell; they knew their grammar and there were editors to make sure there was a certain level of quality. Nowadays, you read an interview transcription which is sometimes so bad that I don’t even recognize my own words because they just… it’s from spelling to whatever. It’s sometimes pretty horrendous. Basically, what I’m saying is people mean well, but the quality has really, really dropped. Everything is now more like ‘Hey, iPhone, Snapchat, Facebook, McDonald’s.’ People don’t even seem to mind. Photography. Back then, you had photographers who really took it seriously. Now, there are still a few of these around, but they’re few and far between. Most people take their iPhones and here’s your shot. Everything doesn’t look good.”