Uli Jon Roth – Scorpions Revisited


This story is getting more and more annoying. The rerecording is a very delicate issue and hides many potential risks.

I have constantly expressed my admiration towards the great Uli Jon Roth and my favorite time of Scorpions’ career is with him playing the guitar next to Rudolph Schenker. I grew up with the amazing songs of that time and I just love them.

We must understand though that the fact that Scorpions have achieved great things the last forty years is not only due to their undeniable musical value and talent but also to Klaus Meine’s unique voice. A voice that, just simply, can’t be reached by anyone else.

In this double c.d., Uli Roth is attempting a flashback to his past with Scorpions by adding remarkable touches to the guitars, enriching them up to a point. My objection is Nathan James’ vocals but probably I would say the same thing for anyone else the guitarist might have chosen for this position. For this particular singer I have expressed my reservations in my last two reports on Roth’s performances in Athens. The songs don’t ooze the same feeling that they used to back then and that’s absolutely normal.

Despite the fact that this album was recorded at the same studio where Scorpions’ records were recorded that time, in Hannover, and the quality of the result is excellent, I consider that release unnecessary.