Unbelievable, undaunted and unstoppable Metal God!


In a recent episode of SDR Show, Sebastian Bach left the live session because one of the guests made a homophobic joke about Rob Halford. A week later the Metal God was a guest on the same show…

Let’s start from the beginning, on the first show when Bach was a guest there was a conversation about singers warm up exercises before live shows. So, Sebastian Bach said that the only singer he knew that doesn’t need this kind of exercises was Rob Halford. Then, another guest, comedian Big Jay Oakerson said: “Halford’s exercise is probably something gay he doesn’t wanna tell ya. You gotta gargle jizz, but I dunno how to tell you that, Sebastian”, he continued imitating Halford. Bach got very annoyed and said: “Dude, could you not wreck this interview? Seriously, Rob Halford is a friend of mine… so spare the comments… Maybe you should skip those kinds of comments.” A bit later he disconnected from the session.

A week later on the same show Halford appeared as a guest and the incident above didn’t go unnoticed. The comedian told what happened trying to find excuses about what he said that led to Bach’s leaving the show. When he finished Halford’s reply was truly epic and totally unexpected: “I don’t gargle, I swallow. And… I’ve always wanted to be roasted at a comic roast, so if you guys, at some point, after this pandemic is over, if you can put me in that roast chair, I would love that.”