Dennis Ward has uploaded the following message on his facebook page:
To all Unisonic fans that have been messaging me in regards to the fate of Unisonic’s future I can only say this: there will definitely not be any new Unisonic release before 2019. This is not a guarantee that we will or will not continue. Only time will tell. Until then I can only wish Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen all the best with the reunion of Helloween. I know that the fans have been waiting for this moment for quite some time and it was always clear to me, from the beginning when I established the group unisonic, that this reunion might eventually come to be. I too look forward to seeing all the guys on stage together making history.
As for me I will continue doing what I’ve been doing for the past 30 years: writing, producing, and recording rock ‘n’ roll. Pink cream 69 has signed a new deal with the label Frontiers and will deliver a new album to be released the summer of 2017. Fortunately I am also actively working with a few other musicians on other projects for the near future. Stay tuned and I hope to give more details as the time comes. Peace, love and lots of beer!