Universe217- Change


Fourth album for the Athenians with the characteristic title “Change”. Created in 2005, Universe217, may have kept their underground nature, but have become a major “name” in the wider field of doom. “Change” contributes to making them even bigger.

The album consists of seven compositions and finds the band at its best, though not at its hardest. The dynamic vocals of Tanya are starring, with their alternative complexion and extreme outbursts, while there is a constant sense of mood change, that culminates in the homonymous twelve-minute piece. The doom of Universe217, if you do not already know, cannot in any case be characterized traditional. The gloom which they broadcast is fascinating, since it does not follow traditional forms, but is based on post and gothic influences. The result is impressive, to the extent that the listener has no choice once he presses “play”. He must fully devote his attention.

Their new album is such an interesting and meticulous work, that we have a complete reversal of a (quite) earlier attitude towards domestic bands. We live now in a time, that if someone suggests to me, a European or American progressive doom band to listen to, it is very likely that he will get the following response: they are good but not as good as Universe217.