The band that started their career playing melodic death metal with a touch of power metal evolved into playing power metal with a touch of melodic death metal. But even that wasn’t enough. A good example are the 10 compositions that comprise their new concept album which is the sixth in their career.

It’s been four years since the release of “Abyss” which together with the previous “Apex” marked a total change in the band’s sound. Now with “Phantoma” the Canadians, having defined their style, or not, give each composition the necessary space to breathe.

If you liked the albums I mentioned before, it’s technically impossible not to love their new work. In it you can find all those elements that led them to win the Juno award with “Abyss”. Listening to the first four tracks of the album one can wrap their sound around the band to a huge degree. Opener “Human Era” is a delightful example of melodic heavy while “Ph4_NT0mA” returns to the speeds of “Abyss”. On the other hand, “Buried In Code” is more europower than europower. Finally, “The Collective” is the first track that includes whatever extreme nuggets the listener encounters on this album.

Variety. The key word of “Phantoma” which despite its long duration, 56 minutes please, does not tire at any moment and no track is like any other on it! The mastery of the band is not hidden either when they play compositions that carry the stamp of highly commercial or when they cleverly change from power to death rhythms. Here I think it is needless to say how excellent Brittney Slayes is with a voice that sits perfectly on all the material!

I don’t want to say much about the concept of the album which has to do with technical intelligence although it’s appropriate to mention that the concept was composed quite some time before this whole explosion with the theme. What did I forget, oh yeah! Baltimora’s delightful cover of “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora is also worth a listen. Unleash The Archers are geeks and they’ve never hidden it.

“Phantoma” is another great work from the Canadians that I hope to see them around here at some point.