Geoff Nichols’s son, Gary Rees, unearthed another previously unreleased song by Black Sabbath from a rehearsal in 1979, before recording the monumental “Heaven And Hell” album.

The song, which is believed to be titled “Slapback”, features the lineup of Iommi-Dio-Ward and Geoff Nichols on bass, since Geezer was absent. The recording comes from the same tape as the version of “Heaven And Hell” that we have mentioned on another news piece recently.

Rees comments: “This latest upload from the Geoff Nicholls estate I believe is called ‘Slapback’ from the scrawling on the cassette and the chorus. This is from the same cassette as the ‘Heaven & Hell’ upload on this channel. It doesn’t sound like a typical Sabbath song if it is them but it does sound like Ronnie James Dio.”