Up The Hammers 2021


Up The Hammers promoters announced the first information for Up The Hammers 2021. Read the press release in full:

“Our festival was stricken hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a huge financial loss.
Thanks to your support though, we are now able to move forward and announce our plans.��Taking into account all the facts, including but not limited to a potential state-ban on events or the capacity restrictions that might occur on indoor venues during autumn 2020, we decided to do both festival editions together, during March 2021.�That way we hope that we will be able to decrease our overall financial damage to affordable levels.

Unfortunately we need to fit all the bands that have already been announced for Up the hammers XVI into one day, in order to make the attendance of the event easier for people who will come from abroad or have other commitments during weekdays. The only change is the addition of “The Rods”, which will replace “Taramis”. We are checking how many more bands we can add on Sunday.

As far as Up the hammers XV, we were able to book again almost all the bands and we are still working with the remaining acts. Although at first it seemed impossible we now hope we will have the exact same line up for you!
Tickets for Up the hammers XV are still valid as they were.
We decided to decrease the price for Up the hammers XVI to 50 euro, since the bands will fit in one day. People who have already bought weekend tickets at the price of 70 euro, please contact: info@up-the-hammers.gr

Ticket presale will start soon at www.noremorse.gr

We would like to thank you again for your support and loyalty throughout the years and for supporting us in these hard times.

Stay safe and see you all in March.
Up the hammers!

Up the hammers XV warm up show 18.03.21 An club (sold out)
Atlantean Kodex ( complete set)
more bands tba

Up the hammers XV Friday 19.03.21 Gagarin 205 tickets: 38 euro
Atlantean Kodex (different set)
Riot City
Solitary Sabred
more bands tba

Up the hammers XV Saturday 20.03.21 Gagarin 205 tickets: 38 euro
Fifth angel
Slough Feg
Crypt Sermon
Dexter Ward
Vultures Vengeance
Quicksand dream

Up the hammers XVI Sunday 21.03.21 Gagarin 205 tickets: 50 euro
Titan Force ( exclusive European show with the 3 Flores brothers!)
Viper (exclusive European show playing entire “Theater of fate” album)
Shok Paris
Medieval Steel
The rods
Midnight Priest
Gothic stone
Stygian Crown
+ more bands tba”