Up The Hammers XVIII announced for March 2024


PRESS RELEASE: Hi friends!

Just a few days before the bands hit the stage for this year’s festival, we are very happy to present you part of the next edition of Up the Hammers festival!

After the popular demand to revert to the usual Up the Hammers dates, The 18th version of the festival will take place between 7-9 March 2024. We will try to establish the festival on the second weekend of March from now on.

The presale will take place in two phases.

Early bird 11/4/2023 – 31/5/2023

Warm up show 22 Euro

Main fest weekend 90 Euro

Warm up + Main fest 105 Euro

Presale: www.ticketservices.gr

There will also be a special discounted ticket for Warm up + Main fest at 100 Euro available only In Up the hammers festival Merch stand (18-20 May) and at No remorse records (12 April to 31 May), they will have them for sale also in their Merch stand at Keep it true festival on 20-23 April (only cash)

Second phase of presale 1/6/2023 – 6/3/2024

Warm up show 25 Euro

Main fest weekend 95 Euro

Warm up + Main fest 115 Euro

Presale: www.ticketservices.gr , No Remorse Records Athens, Classic Cafe-bar Diorofon Thessaloniki

Day tickets will be released later in case festival is not sold out

Please join us in welcoming the bands of 2024’s Up the Hammers Festival:


The eerie masters of epic metal, return to Greece after 7 years of absence! Hailing from Ventura, California, the legendary Cirith Ungol will headline Up the Hammers festival for the second time in their illustrious history, their first legendary appearance in Up the hammers was released in a live album by Metal Blade Records, spans from 1977 until today and has gifted the metal world with monumental albums like Frost and Fire (1981) and King of the Dead (1984) and many more. Since the last time we had the honor of hosting them, CU has released “Forever Black, their first album in almost 30 years, which ended up topping many of the “Best of year” lists in 2020, and “Half Past Human” EP in 2021.


The epic metal guitar hero, the one and only Jack Starr will headline Up the Hammers with a very special set filled with songs from his early years with Virgin Steele, along with many of the anthems of his personal career and with Burning Starr. Starr who cofounded Virgin Steele parted ways with the bad after releasing two albums, “Virgin Steele,” in 1982, followed by “Guardians of the Flame” in 1983, and formed Burning Starr, releasing several albums in the following decades.


Belgian Speed metallers Evil Invaders will return to Greece with one of the best albums of 2022 in their quiver, “Shattering Reflection”. Evil Invaders’ debut album, “Pulses of Pleasure,” was released in 2015, followed by “Feed Me Violence” in 2017. Both albums showcase the band’s technical skill and ability to create high-energy, headbanging anthems that appeal to both old-school metal fans and newer audiences.


We are very proud and excited to announce that Sumerlands will appear on the stage of UTH festival in 2024. After setting the bar extremely high with their self-titled debut album in 2016, the Philadelphians have done the impossible when they released “Dreamkiller” in 2022, setting new standards with their ability to capture the essence of classic metal while putting their own unique spin on the genre.


Hailing from Germany, Sacred Steel has been making waves in the metal scene since their formation in 1997, playing traditional heavy metal with driving riffs, soaring vocals, and powerful epic themes. The band has released 9 full albums over the years of their existence with the latest being “Heavy Metal Sacrifice” in 2016.


The blistering high-pitched voice behind the success of Deadly Blessing SKI, will be coming to Athens to perform the all-time classic album “Ascend from the Cauldron” in its entirety. Released in 1988, “Ascend from the Cauldron” features a unique blend of traditional heavy/thrash metal with progressive and power metal influences and showcases the band’s impressive musicianship and songwriting skills.


We are very happy to welcome Wade Black and his new band Astronomica to UTH 18. The vocalist of Crimson Glory’s 1999 release “Astronomica” will perform special show featuring many Crimson Glory classics along with songs of his new debut album.


When we first listened to Phantom Spell’s Debut album “Immortal Requiem” in 2022, we knew that we need to make them come and play in Athens. Hands down, one of the most exciting debuts that we’ve seen in the Progressive Rock genre in the last couple of decades, Phantom Spell is a band you do not want to miss!


We are thrilled to announce that Night Demon will be headlining UTH Warm up show in 2024! Known for the intensity and energy of their live shows, Night Demon has been making waves in the metal scene since their debut EP in 2012 and they’ve been amongst the front runners of the NWOTHM scene ever since. Their latest album “Outsider”, released in March 2023, is a speed metal barrage of fast-paced riffs and thunderous rhythms, filled with songs that are meant to be played live. The band will perform a special “Party” set which will include also some of their amazing covers.


Hailing from Copenhagen Denmark, Steel Inferno will appear before the Up the Hammers crowd, promising the fans a show to remember! The speed metallers released their latest album “Evil Reign” in 2022 eliciting numerous enthusiastic reviews and we are looking forward to welcoming them in Athens and get caught by their web!


Join us in welcoming the epic metallers Crom from Germany, who will be hitting the stage of UTH in 2024, following the release of their new album “The Era of Darkness”, the fourth one after their masterful debut “Vengeance” of 2008.


Epic doom metal newcomers Stygian Crown will come from Los Angeles, California for the Up the Hammers crowd. The band’s self-titled debut was released in 2020 and we are extremely happy to have them in Athens!


Following the break up of Ravensire, Nuno and Alex teamed up once more to form their new band Dolmen Gate! The Portuguese epic metallers released their debut 3-track EP “Finis Imperii” in March 2023 and have an album underway, to be released by No Remorse soon.


The heavy/ speed metal quintet from Italy, Witchhunter, will play at Up the Hammers Warm-Up show. The band has produced three albums and one EP since their formation in 2007, and their latest amazing album “Metal Dream” was released in 2022.

More bands will be announced soon, be ready for one of the best line ups we ever had!