Upon Revival – Epiphany


Upon Revival is an alternative metal band from Greece with female vocals. Firstly, I must admit that listening to the vocals of Anastasia Papadopoulou was a pleasant surprise. Her voice has so much power and it’s full of emotion. Her low register is powerful and full. Though not often used, her falsetto has great expression. The only missing or better lacking technique that I found in her voice is the vibrato. I believe that that some songs need it mostly to make her singing much better. If she works a bit on that and with the addition of her powerful voice, she will deliver a great performance.

I mostly enjoyed the songs ‘Change’, ‘Blindfold’ and ‘Never Enough’. The only negative was that the rhythm guitars are very loud in the mix of the songs which sometimes covers the magic of their performance. My opinion is that some orchestral arrangement in the songs will make them sound more complete.

Finally, the band has much to offer. With a better production and arrangement in some parts of the songs, they will be the next big name in the alternative and melodic sound from our country. Try and see a live performance as they are currently doing a tour in Greece. Believe me they sound amazing and you won’t regret it.