This is the 23rd album from one of the most important British bands of all time, that are into their… second teens for the last 13 years!
Having survived every passing trend in music from 1969 and on, having the all time record for member changes, Uriah Heep retain their decency in 2011, they still manage to inspire respect, but mostly awe for the passion that burns inside them, the energy they are unleashing during their live shows, and the inspiration that allows them to release great albums to this day.

“Into The Wild” picks it up exactly where “Wake The Sleeper” left us, proving that the sleeping giant is awaken indeed. The opening track will stick in your mind at once, and will make you sing it in no-time, I bet it’s going to be an on stage classic from now on. “Nail In The Head” might also refer to that Uriah Heep don’t beat around the bush and hit you with their best shot immediately… I like that meaning!

The new album reflects power, emotion, and intensity. If I had to chose a few highlights those would be the beautiful “Trail Of Diamonds”, the frenzy “I Can See You”, the groovy “I’m Ready”, the amazing “Southern Star”, and… hell, if I keep this up I am going to write down the entire album!

So, to cut a long story short, if you liked the last two Heep albums, and had the chance to watch them live during their recent shows in Greece, “Into The Wild” is the essential “extra” to the whole experience. Enjoy those 60-year olds whose heart beats like their 18, until the next time…