Uriah Heep – Live At The Koko


Eternal and absolute respect to living legends Uriah Heep, who will soon celebrate 50 years of contribution to our favorite music!

This live recorded album is the undeniable evidence for the worth, the value and the great shape the band is at the moment. If Ovelix fell in the magic potion pot when he was little and the results on him are permanent, then what the hell did Mick Box do?

The album opens impressively with “Against The Odds”, one of the countless great Heep songs from “Sea Of Light” which was released in 1995, and was a great album. Old and new songs follow in a balanced set with classics such as  “Traveller In Time”, “Sunrise”, “Stralin”, as well as “Overload”, “I’m Ready”, “Between Two Worlds”. We often complain that we want to listen the “oldies” which are our favorites during the shows, but isn’t this unfair when there are so many great new songs? Especially in Uriah Heep’s case where they’ve released several good albums during the past decade, and three even better during the ‘90s!

And let’s not get into analyzing their different eras, with each singer. Just, give our respect to the restless Bernie Shaw who can still fill anybody’s shoes… when are they coming back?