V/A – A Crack In The Sky, A Tribute To William J Tsamis


It sounds like a bad joke but a year has already passed since our very “own” Bill Tsamis made his final exit to the heavens above thus spreading sorrow to us all who stood by him through thick and thin. It’s true that we haven’t heard of him in the last few years but we were all expecting a sudden comeback as we’d gotten used in the 90s but especially in 2002 and 2012. Fate had other plans. But the good thing is that there are generations of fans and musicians all around the world that still discover the divine music of Warlord and Lordian Guard as those songs have rightfully gained a mythical status.

Pitch Black Records, exactly one year after Tsamis’ untimely passing, releases an official tribute album consisted mainly of bands from the so called underground heavy metal genre. The final result is not only positive but I’d say that it’s extraordinary as our expectations are not only met but surpassed. Mind you; this is not an easy task at all as we all know how difficult it is to capture the spirit of Bill Tsamis and Mark Zonder. The vast majority of the bands has done a phenomenal job in delivering the goods and honoring the memory and legacy of Warlord and Lordian Guard. I will make a special reference to the three best renditions so as to get a good picture of the whole album. First and foremost, it’s the majestic cover version of “Stygian Passage” by Eternal Champion. My God…what a crystal clear and powerful production that was! No wonder that Eternal Champion is the biggest name of the underground nowadays. Secondly, it’s the flawless take of “The Rainbow” by Arrayan Path (that features both Nicolas Leptos and Paolo Viani). “The Rainbow” is definitely a well-hidden gem and Arrayan Path has done a superb job on this one. Last but certainly not least is the sensational cover of “War in Heaven” by Stray Gods. The boys had a difficult task ahead of them but they did a brilliant job.

I could have lived without “Battle of the Living Dead” (Firewolfe) and “70.000 Sorrows” (Claymorean) but that doesn’t take anything away from this excellent release by Pitch Black Records. In memoriam of Bill Tsamis…IMMORTAL!

Highlight: The albums will be released in three different formats…

Highlight: Το album κυκλοφορεί σε τρεις διαφορετικές εκδόσεις…