Vader has a long-running career therefore needs no introduction. It is one of the older European death metal bands if not the oldest… But for those who might think that these Polish veterans have nothing more to give, “Welcome To The Morbid Reich” is here to prove them wrong.

It is now a fact –even though surprising- that the band is back with one of its strongest efforts to date. The killer structures are based on memorable riffs and groove. While the songs are elaborated in the same good old way there has been a slightly different approach concerning the rhythm; meaning the groovy parts have been increased. Obviously Vader was under the influence of Florida’s death metal scene during the recording and Slayer-styled elements are also present.  They have added a darker feeling to their brutal death metal music for the album’s closing as well. I must add that Vader incorporates orchestral intros for the first time so the outcome sounds more pompous.  

I think the old school freaks will enjoy it. Personally I did.