Here we go again…with the music industry being at an all-time low and paying for some big mistakes of the past, the people with the suits, in a desperate effort to cash in a few bucks, they invent some lame and cheap tricks in order to attract the interest of the potential (male) buyer. What they think is realy simple: they put on behind a mic a gorgeous female sex bomb and a few extras…sorry…musicians that work as her backing band (but in reality, all they want to do is watch “American Idol”) and…voila…let there be a musical outfit! I know that there have been similar attempts in the past (Stock,Aitken, Waterman, anyone?) but there was also a solid musical foundation.
Valora is an American band that have been instructed to play like a cross between Evanescence and Nickelback with the sole difference that they are only a bad copy of those two super groups. Let alone the fact that the overall performance is below par (although well-hidden behind the crystal clear production). So, all in all, if we take aside the ethereal presence of the singer, the rest of the package belongs to a waste basket!
Highlight: I’d recommend to the guys to take a close look and listen to Halestorm…these guys know how to rock in an original way!