In the late 80s and the first couple of years in the 90s, hard rock genre has given us some of the most inspired and commercially successful albums that are rightfully considered nowadays to be classic and timeless. Surely, MTV played a significant role in turning bands like Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Ratt, Great White and others into household names and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we pointing down that Los Angeles and especially Sunset Strip was the…Mecca of a genre that transformed through the years from a glam metal incarnation to a more sleaze and street inception that became popular after 1987 and the release of Guns N’ Roses’ milestone record “Appetite For Destruction”.

Like it happens in every musical trend, there were those unsung heroes that didn’t make it in the first league and remained virtually under the radar of all those multinational record labels. We are talking about hundreds of bands that released their songs in limited quantities through independent labels or even worse couldn’t get to the next level and the songs stayed in a demo stage. But this doesn’t mean that they were less talented than the more heralded acts of the genre. As a matter of fact, some of them were actually pioneers of the genre but for a number of reasons remained unknown to the masses; they remained the glorious underdogs!

Eonian Records is very excited to present the single largest collection of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip bands ever assembled in a box set entitled Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip. This box set will feature 36 bands from the 1980s and early 1990s Los Angeles rock scene and will be a four-disc collection with 72 digitally re-mastered, original studio recordings. Only a small handful of these recordings were ever made available, as most were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed. Volume I will also feature a 60-page color booklet with a close up look at each band, over 100 original archived photos, and the 13-page “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified” narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip.

Quick Facts about Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip:

• 36 bands
• 72 re-mastered, original studio recordings
• 4 hours and 51 minutes of music
• Majority of the 72 studio recordings have never been previously released and were meant primarily for the ears of recording industry giants in an effort to be signed
• 13 page “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels: Sunset Strip Certified” narrated by JohnnyX of The Wild and Adam Gifford of Paradise, both well-known bands on the Sunset Strip
• 60-page color booklet
• 36 pages dedicated to a close up look at each band
• Hundreds of original archived photos
• Executive Producers: Stephen Craig of Eonian Records & JohnnyX of The Wild
• Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip will be printed in limited quantities

This is the Holy Grail for all of us who were not around at Sunset Strip during that time but we were taken by surprise by the sheer quality of some of those obscure bands. This is a box set aimed to all the hard rock fans around the world that now get the chance of acquiring a vast and extensive collection of some of the best underground bands of the genre.

Volume Two with a release date yet to be determined will feature: 151 Swing, 21 Psyche, Asylum Suite, Barbie, Big Deal, Brunette, Cherry Blonde, Cutthroat, Feast Of Joy, Forgotten Child, Getting Red, Grace Period, Hail Mary, Helter Skelter, High Noon, Hung Jury, Johnny And The Jaguars, Jones Street, Kidd Comet, Mad Anthony, Mad Moxie, Murder Bay, Mystery Girls, Rattleshake, Razmataz, Rocknee, Ruby Slippers, Seductive Luck, Shock, Sibling Rivalry, Societys Scream, Soul, Spoyld, St. John, Stoned Immaculate, Sweet Savage, Swingin’ Thing, Tommi Gunn, Trip Trigger, and Wikked Gypsy.

Founded in 2008, Eonian Records is an American Indie record label specializing in extremely rare and often never released classic hard rock, as well as glam & heavy metal from the 1980’s with a keen attention to detail, high-quality re-mastering and stellar packaging. For more info regarding the details of ordering this flawless piece of work, check out Eonian Records at or send us an e-mail here at Rockpages.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip track-listing:


1.Rattlesnake Shake – Shootin’ Daggers
2.Rattlesnake Shake – Get Around (Everybody Needs Somebody)
3.Alice Be Tokelas – In the Morning
4.Alice Be Tokelas – This Is Now
5.The Wild – Get Down 2 Night
6.The Wild – Some Girls
7.LongGone – Higher
8.LongGone – Sticky Situation
9.Hans Naughty – Fallen Nature
10.Hans Naughty – Be In You
11.Imagine World Peace – Something I Miss
12.Imagine World Peace – Sometimes
13.Bad Blood – Slip
14.Bad Blood – Sweet Addiction
15.Cyclone Sound – City Monsters
16.Cyclone Sound – All Systems
17.Hap Hazzard – Sorry
18.Hap Hazzard – Under Fire


1.Charlotte – Little Devils
2.Charlotte – Krackerman
3.Lypswitch – Sexx On The Sun
4.Lypswitch – She’s So Psychedelic
5.Bad Bones – My Love Is For Real
6.Bad Bones – Give Good Love
7.Enticier – Daddy’s Little Girl
8.Enticier – One Way Ticket
9.Scratch – Merry Go Round
10.Scratch – Smack Dab
11.Hardly Dangerous – Sweeter Than Honey
12.Hardly Dangerous – Game Of Love
13.Sam Mann and Thee Apes – Feel My Body
14.Sam Mann and Thee Apes – Nasty Woman
15.Mad Reign – Rise
16.Mad Reign – The First One’s Free
17.The Mimes – Crack Alley
18.The Mimes – Kick, Kick (Scratch And Fight)


1.Shake City – Betty Blue
2.Shake City (Hot Wheelz) – She’s Atomic
3.Blackboard Jungle – Paint You A Picture
4.Blackboard Jungle – Chicago
5.Paradise – Satisfaction Guaranteed
6.Paradise – I’m In Love With You
7.Hollywood Rose – Sweet Little Angel
8.Hollywood Rose – Come A Little Closer
9.Taz – Day Of The Dog
10.Taz – Dogtown
11.Daddy Ray – Success
12.Daddy Ray – Nag, Nag, Nag
13.Children – Dance With Me
14.Children – Water Into Wine
15.Shel Shoc – Lotta Love
16.Shel Shoc – Pull The Trigger
17.Dallas Dollz – Dirty Money
18.Dallas Dollz – Doin’ Time


1.Deaf, Dumb and Blonde – Heaven’s Trail
2.Deaf, Dumb and Blonde – Down And Dirty
3.Cold Shot – Give Me What I Need
4.Cold Shot – Little Too Late
5.New Improved God – Back Where You Belong
6.New Improved God – Dead Rock Stars
7.Agent Zero – Shadows
8.Agent Zero – Distant Memories
9.Aces & Eights – Read My Lips
10.Aces & Eights – You Ain’t My Religion
11.Rough Justice – Cheap Disguise
12.Rough Justice – Good Ole’ Days
13.Byte the Bullet – Let Em Down Easy
14.Byte the Bullet – Russian Roulette
15.Spyder Blue – Dummy Says
16.Spyder Blue – Love, Lies, And Hate
17.Charlemagne – You’re All I Need
18.Charlemagne – Who Needs Bad Girls