Various Artists – Sons Of A Dream (Warlord Tribute)

The resurgence of interest in the music of Warlord has given joy and satisfaction to all of us, the long time supporters of Bill Tsamis. It is a great feeling to witness a widespread appreciation of Tsamis’ work after all these years. So, after the majestic comeback album “The Holy Empire”, the memorable concerts in Greece and Germany and the various reissues here comes this tribute album that bears the stamp of approval by Tsamis himself.

It is, more or less, an album with obvious Greek colors as the majority of the bands featured here come from Tsamis’ country of origin. Right from the first listening session, it becomes plain obvious that this isn’t a typical tribute album but a “soul-searching offering” by all the musicians that gave their best to present their views on some timeless pieces of work and art. With that in mind, what we get here is not a bunch of covers but most likely a bunch of various interpretations of the music, lyrics and spirit of Warlord. Some standout moments –at least, from this editor’s perspective- are surely: the frenzied guitar solo of Angelo Perlepes on “Child of the Damned” that added a 70s flavor to the song, Fofi Roussos’ mesmerizing vocals on the absolutely fitting “Penny For A Poor Man”, the huge and crystal clear production of “Black Mass” by Innerwish”, the Maiden-esque guitar by Karazeris on Dexter Ward’s take of “Winds Of Thor”, Dragonsclaw’s “in your face” attack (Hammond included, I must add) on “Luciffer’s Hammer”, the Blackmore’s Nights meets Blind Guardian rendition of the atmospheric “My Name Is Man” by Blacklands and the wonderful version of “Sons of A Dream” by Dark Nova.
All in all, if you want to listen to something familiar yet different at the same time, this is the album for you as the bands didn’t attempt to copy the original but to share their view on some monumental compositions. If
Tsamis provided the canvas with his music, then these musicians added the colors and the touch…not with a paintbrush but with their instruments. Thumbs Up!
Highlight: The physical product will see the light of day n January with an additional track by Battleroar.