Vega – Stereo Messiah


I will repeat a very successful comment from Frontier’s zine and I will get straight to the point. ‘’ For those who thought Melodic Rock and AOR were dead, you couldn’t be more wrong.’’

We had been waiting patiently for the 3nd album of the English Vega after they had shown us some pretty good stuff with their debut. I do not know if the AOR fans out there where expecting something so good. The album starts with the single-video clip “Stereo Messiah’’ and it gets to you at once. The truth is that many albums manage to do that with the first song but they let us down with the rest. In the case of Vega something like that does not stand. From the beginning to the end the tracks are one to one HITS.
I single out the “Ballad Of The Broken Hearted’’ for its very intense feeling, which I have already listened to 30 times without getting bored. Also, the ‘’Wherever We Are’’, “Gonna Need Some Love Tonight’’, “The Fall’’ and “The Wild The Weird The Wonderful’’ are very powerful and strong.
One more extra plus of Vega is the really smart move to work with Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) for the song “10x Bigger Than Love’’. This is a closer step to the hard rock world for them and a door opener to many more fans.
As for Nick Workman ,I think you will all agree that he has what it takes to make you respect his strong and melodic voice.
Get ready to ask for them live, although I doubt that Frontiers have not already think about them for their next festival.