Who would have thought that we would listen in such a short period the fourth Vega album.The band has found again the success formula for a fantastic melodic hard rock album. As years go by I notice that I become more and more obsessed with the shiny music productions which is a serious matter for me to listen to an album repeatedly. So ʽʽWho We Are’’ is one of those albums with the crystal clear music production and ofcourse the unmistakable melodic voice of the exceptional Nick Workmann. Behind the music production is again Harry Hess of Harem Scarem and as you can tell he is much more than just a good musician and singer.
The new album fills your soul with good vibes and sweet feelings from the beginning to the end and I can easily include it in one of the best AOR albums of 2016.I felt exactly the same with their “Stereo Messiah” album in 2014.

The song that impressed me the most was “Explode” because was the up lifter I needed to start the listening session of a new album. I also loved the ”We Got It All” and ”White Flag” tracks, because they stroke me as big radio hits and as I have mentioned in older reviews I am a hard rock hit wonder. Finally ”For Our Sins” and ‘‘Hurts So Bad” are two of the songs that made an amazing impression by the first hearing.

Listen to the new album repeatedly and I am sure that you will love it! Vega is definitely one of the most important bands to represent England in the melodic rock scene.