Vegan Mosquitoes present their first DIY video


PRESS RELEASE: Shortly before the release of their first full-length album, “A Beautiful Slaughter”, the Vegan Mosquitoes banish the sadness, fatigue, routine and quarantine of boredom and prolonged lockdown, with their first DIY music video, for the first single of their album, ” On Lost Hopes ”.

This is one of the two music videos that predate the release of their debut album. The video consists of a miss mass of many sorter videos of the daily life of quarantined people and the ways in which they were employed during this unprecedented treaty in recent years. In stark contrast to the dark lyrics that deal with the seemingly elusive dreams of people trapped in their insecurities, the four-member band’s video is a succession of positive, funny and creative short stories of people facing the forced pause in their lives creatively and with humor.

The video is the definition of DIY, as it consists entirely of amateur videos of friends of the band members, while the editing was done by the band itself.

Vegan Mosquitoes were formed in 2014 and so far have released a live E.P. with 3 tracks, they’ve made many live appearances, while their tracks have been heard on TV series.

They consist of Dimitris on guitar, Martina on vocals, Christian on bass and Mandalena on drums. Their upcoming album was recorded at the Esoteron studio, where the songs were mixed and mastered.

Vegan Mosquitoes were created in order to express their members musically, practically combining their inspiration from the different sounds of each one, resulting in an indie alternative rock style with funk elements.

The album that will contain the single “On Lost Hopes” will be released after Easter. You can watch the video here: