A quite satisfying debut by the Athenian outfit that present a wide specter of prog rock sound appropriately enriched with other influences that are not so vividly projected on the album and that’s a positive note. On the compositional level, I must say that the guys have come up with some remarkable ideas and they have managed to track them on the record.

In “So Close & So Far Away” we get to find many changes in the tempo of the songs (throughout the duration of the c.d.) that at times flirt with psychedelia and all in all blends wonderfully prog rock with the alternative rock genre. Of special notice is the presence of cellos and trumpets, two instruments that paint a unique aspect of this Verbal Deliriun canvas.

I am not certain whether or not Verbal Delirium can make the difference in such a demanding area but they have most definitely made the first steps towards the right direction. One thing is for sure: in this saturated genre, only the best will survive!