In a recent interview Vicky Psarakis, singer of The Agonist, blamed Alissa White-Gluz, the band’s former singer for setting her band back. When she was asked why the Agonist haevn’t released a new album for such a long time she replied: “I’m not one to cause drama but I think for anyone that’s out there and watching and kind of seeing what’s going on, I think it’s fairly obvious that the person that’s been trying to hold us back is Alissa. In the beginning, she was doing it a lot through interviews and just talking very badly about the band members. That is super awkward for me, because this is a person I’ve never met in my life, so it’s weird for me to be talking about it. There’s no knowing how far and to what extent her reach could be to hold this band back. I definitely know some stuff that she’s done and other things are just speculation. So, I don’t wanna throw that out there, but I will say that she has been trying to kill this band ever since she was fired”. Psarakis was hired in the Agonist on the same day that Alissa went to Arch Enemy (March 17th, 2014). Later Alissa said that she wanted to make another album with the band but that her “former bandmates decided to choose a different path.” She also said that “the unfortunate decision” to part ways “was made beyond her control” and added that she would “always be proud of the three albums created since 2005”. She also vowed to never talk again to her former band mates on Jamey Jasta’s podcast for betraying her and kicking her out of her own band: “I don’t agree with what they did. I don’t have respect for what they did, I’ll never talk to them again — ever! That was the worst betrayal I’ve ever felt in my life. They stole a lot from me. It was not right.”