Victorian Halls – Charlatan

Victorian Halls!! Hm… cool name for a band! And the cover for their debut album “Charlatan” is really nice. It seems quite unique and looks like it was inspired and interpreted from classic fairytales. I wonder what kind of music they make. I bet it is some kind of folk rock or metal. If the music is as inspired as the album art this can be interesting. Let’s kick the cd in.

OK track one… first few seconds have a piano and a male singing. We reach second 15. WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS THIS?? The mellow singing voice has turned into a… 5 year old screaming and the music has turned into a pop beat! The rest of the song has a pop rhythm played by electric guitars and drums.
The excitement I had when I saw the album art ended after the first 15 seconds of the album. The album “Charlatan” from Victorian Halls is filled with songs that could be hardcore covers of pop and dance songs. This could be a good idea but the resulting sound is annoying. The vocals are irritating and it is difficult to say if they are sung by a 5 year old or a girl. Their music sounds like a harder version of Avril Lavigne songs but with more electronic influences.
All an all, I was really disappointed that an inspired album art like this had this kind of music. But I guess that the album is good for fans of electro pop –dance sounds, if they survive the vocals.