Victory is a seasoned and veteran band in the heavy metal circuit. Most likely, the older fans would probably remember the name and quite possibly they would own an album or two while there is a pretty good chance that the younger fans don’t even know them. I guess that this is not even an issue for the German band as their music is targeted mainly to the 30+ audience and their music reminds of those glorious 80s days.

“Don’t Talk Science” is not a groundbreaking album (we leave that aspect to Dream Theater…) and it is really a hard n heavy, melodic record with an up to date production…meat and potatoes, as the Americans say. On a positive note is Jiotis Parcharidis’ (of Greek origin, of course…) excellent voice and the presence of Tommy Newton and Herman Frank in the line-up. On a negative side, we get to listen to an unneeded version of the pop classic “I’m so Excited” (Pointer Sisters) that was also featured –if my memory serves me right- on an album that Frank released with his wife.

I suppose that “Don’t Talk Science” continues the tradition of the band’s path…good albums that you love to listen…but not over-listen to them, if you know what I mean.

Highlight: For the trivia freaks out there…in the 80s Victory issued 4 studio albums, in the 90s 3 albums and in the 00s 2…this is the first one in the new decade and let’s hope, it won’t be the last.