PRESS RELEASE: Costas Varras is a Greek Guitar Virtuoso and Composer born in 1983 in Athens. After the Release of hisfirst Album “Overlord’s Perpetual” in 2004 by Sonic Age Records and some special live shows like opening for “W.A.S.P.”at Gagarin Club,his Love and Passion for musicleaded Costasto go to live in the United States! In 2006 Costas moved to Los Angeles and in 2008 he graduated from “Musicians Institute”in Hollywood.With a new line up of musicians he performed 10 more shows in L.A. and later he decided to start writing music for his next Album.T

he latest release of Costas Varras is the album “NEON-CLASSICAL”. The Demos for this Album beganin Hollywood in 2008.In 2009 Costas traveledto England to recordwith legendary Chris Tsangarides as a recording and mixing technician. However, after they finished working on 10 songs this material never released cause Costas was looking to sign a contractdealwith a Major Record Label!Also Maor Appelbaum wasfeatured as the Mastering engineerfor these demos.A few years ago Bob Katsionis encouraged Costasto continue recording and CostasVarrasentered the studio to Record more music with Bob Katsionis as the Producer. The album“NEON-CLASSICAL”finally released with 13 songs in 2018by Symmetric Records.Costas composed all the Music and wrote all the Lyrics. The Albumisfeaturinggreat singers as:Henning Basse (Firewind, Mayan, etc), Chity Somapala (ex-Firewind, ex Avalon) , Kevin Goocher(Omen), Billy Vass (Terra Incognita), Vaine Bodner and Joseph Michael (Witherfall).Recorded, produced and mixedby Bob Katsionis atSound SymmetryStudiosin Athens. Also masteredby Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions.“NEON-CLASSICAL” is the product ofCOSTAS VARRAS’s workethic and uncompromising nature!..www.costasvarras.com