(VIDEO) Desmond Child’s message about “Desmond Child Rocks The Parthenon”


Desmond Child talked to Rockpages.gr in a very amusing interview which will be published soon and commented on the “Desmond Child Rocks The Parthenon” concert that is taking place on June 27th in Athens.

Cheerful, humorous and quick-witted like every time we talk with him Desmond said many interesting things about the night at the prestigious Herodium, while he shared some stories from his long and glorious career. Actually, some of the stuff you will see on the interview are revealed for the first time.

Here’s a comment about the concert whose goal is to reunite the Parthenon sculptures: “Once in a lifetime, for one night only, I get to be the star! Actually, the songs are the stars. And to do this for this great cause at the foot of the Parthenon, so from the stage I’ll be looking up at the Parthenon that the audience can’t see, but I see and so that’s why “Desmond Child Rocks The Parthenon”. Because, we are singing up to the Parthenon. It’s a special tribute to reunite Parthenon, which is very very dear to me and very important that this happens”.