During the awards ceremony of this year’s NME Awards Bring Me The Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes, climbed on Coldplay’s table while he was performing “Happy Song” with his band. The two bands has history since Bring Me The Horizon called out Coldplay when the latter revelaed their cover for the album “A Head Full Of Dream” which looks like their own “Sempiternal” which was released in 2013, so maybe that’s why this act took place! The interesting part is that Coldplay didn’t realize that there was an “unexpected guest” in their table, while Sykes used Chris Martin’s back to climb on the table that was full with bottles and drinks. Bring Me The Horizon singer was rocking back and forth on the table while singing and for a moment lost his balance. Seconds later the table looks like is going to collapse leading to Sykes’ needed as well as impressive jump! But, the show didn’t stop there since the swaggery performer went to the end of the seated area, climbed on the bars and jumped into the small crowd that was gathered there in an impromptu stage dive. Finally, he returned on the stage to conclude the song. Note that Bring Me The Horizon won the NME Innovation Award. Job well done!

The incident’s video:

The official Bring Me The Horizon performance video: