Vinnie Vincent says that former VINNIE VINCENT INVASION singer Mark Slaughter is a “no-talent individual” who reduced his music “to the level of worse than a local bar band.”
According to Vinnie, one “bullshit story” out of “hundreds of lies that [are] out there” is the myth that he got kicked out of his own band. “What really happened was I tried to keep Rob in the band, because I said, ‘There is no fucking way — no way, no way — this other guy, who can’t sing, who’s reduced my music to the level of worse than a local bar band is gonna be in my creation. There’s no way,'” he said. “And [VINNIE VINCENT INVASION’s record label] Chrysalis had changed management and they were changed to quickly cash in on the young kid that appeals to the teenyboppers. I said, ‘You do something else like that, but don’t put him here. ‘Cause that will never happen. So you need to get Rob in and keep this…’