Coming along the documentary “We Are F*cking Twisted Sister” a deluxe box set featuring three vintage shows of the band was released through Deadline Music. The box-set’s title is “Rock’n’Roll Saviors – The Early Years” and the three shows that are featured come from 1979 at Detroit Club, 1980 at Hammerheads and 1983 at Donnington. It’s worth mentioning that on the two shows Tony Petri and Ritchie Steeler sit behind the drums respectively and on the third the late A.J. Pero. Each concert CD comes in its own individual wallet with inner sleeve and the whole set is packaged in a lavish, red velvet-lined box with pop up mirror. In addition to the CDs, inside the box is a gorgeous full-color 20-page booklet of rare photos and extensive liner notes written by music journalist Malcolm Dome plus three signature guitar picks, a custom bright pink lipstick tube, and a backstage pass.