Visions Of Atlantis – Delta


Ι always had a thing for this Symphonic Metal band from Austria… They were releasing fine albums, fully pro. And then, one day, I read that one of our own, a girl from Greece, singer Maxi Nil, has joined the band… And I liked them even more! Exciting news, to say the least… Was talking it over with some friends and colleagues, then got back, relaxed and waited…

The new album, four years after “Trinity”, is served and the impact is the exact one I was expecting to be… High standard! Their work, the production, the outcome, the performance. The band has put some serious work in this and it shows 100% plus it’s 100% satisfactory.
Those of you into Nightwish and Edenbridge, even Epica, will buy the album on sight, put it in your stereo and totally refuse to press the eject button… ever! Drum galloping, spectacular symphonic orchestrations, perfect keyboards, lyrical and, at the same time, epical music and magical choruses… “Conquest of others” is a theme and emotions cataract, same goes for the following track, baroque “Twist of fate” as well as the ultimate epilogue, “Gravitate towards fatality”. I don’t have a clue whether Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish mastermind) is familiar with this material, what I do know is that he would be really proud of these peeps.
“New dawn” is a super-hit, built to invade the radio; the band has also done a GREat video for this song. I tell ya, this lil’ diamond is destined for stardom! The voices of Maxi and Mario Plank are not only fabulous, they completely bind together; it’s the sweetness and the roughness, the passion and the fantastic merger.  
I’m not a clairvoyant, yet I truly believe the crystal mastercraft of “Reflection” will probably make the difference. I’m picturing it being performed under blue lights and thousands of lighters… Something that will take place along their next live appearances, featuring various stages in Europe and more…