…even for just one song, which is “Still Of The Night”, what else? Def Leppard’s guitarist joined the Snakes on stage in Sheffield a few days ago to play the super hit song. Viv was a member of the band during Whitesnake’s world tour in 1987-1988, but he didn’t record with them, except for the solos on “Give Me All Your Love”. Actually, on a recent interview with he shared the story of how he was fired from the band: “after the end of the “Whitesnake/1987 Tour”, we were working on demos of what was supposed to be our next record and there was some evident weirdness even with Adrian (Vandenberg). We were getting along fine with Adrian but the truth is that he didn’t want another guitar player in the band. It was nothing against me. When he was hired in Whitesnake, they didn’t tell him that there would be two guitar players. Having said that, there was a certain rivalry in the air even though neither of us had played on the record and none of us could have a legitimate claim for a solo on the live shows. When the tour ended, David said to us that all the songs on the new record would be written by Adrian and himself because they had a great working relationship. Right then, I knew deep inside me that this wasn’t a band (that) I would last for too long. On top of that, my wife at the time and Tawny Kitaen (Coverdale’s wife at the time) didn’t like each other and during the tour, Whitesnake’s tour manager came to me and said that David didn’t want to bring your wife with me on tour. I had just gotten married and I was thinking: “what? Really…?”. To read the full interview you can click here!