Voidnaut – Nadir


Voidnaut is a brand new addition to the Greek metal universe. The band was created by experienced musicians with loaded bios. Vocalist Benardo (Airged L’amh, Double Square κ.α.), drummer Kostas Aleksakis (Acid Death), bass player Kostas Tasakos (Double Square, Verdict Denied) and guitarist Kostas Krikos (The Silent Rage) joined forces back in 2015. The name of the group points towards Stoner Rock but in Nadir the band explores the new American metal sound having bands like Tremonti, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Adrenaline Mob and other leaders of the genre as a sonic compass. Their approach shows that they have studied and delved into all these elements that compose this sound. Solid grooves that send the right vibes and carry you away with their rhythm, clean-cut and targeted leads and vocals that move successfully through all the stages from growls to melodic multi-layered singing.  

The thing that kind of threw me off (a wee bit though) was the production. I think that the rhythm guitars should sound more edgy for that kind of music and I have a similar opinion for the cymbals which are a key ingredient when it comes to that particular sound. There are moments that I get a blurry feeling and not that desired kick. The lower frequencies though are on spot in the mix and so are Steve’s vocals, laid in a quite different style that the one he owned when he made his appearance on the scene more than 20 years ago. He is closer to his Valet Parn days.

Nadir is definitely a grower that will stick and this is because of the effort put in the songwriting department. There is no way you will stop after just one listen, it’s impossible. I am glad that our country produced such a worthy representative of that particular genre. Giannis Nakos and Remedy Art Design (Evergrey, Morbid Angel etc.) should also be acknowledged for the fine cover artwork.