Voodoo Hill – Waterfall


After almost ten years Dario Mollo and Glenn Highes get back together for a new Voodoo Hill album which unfortunately has a lot to miss from the two previous ones.

Re-visiting his collaboration with Tony Martin in 2012 didn’t leave the expected results because of the poor compositions, one would expect something better in Voodoo Hill’s case, or on the other hand the exactly same thing. Hughes’ voice as we know first hand is in incredibly good shape and “Waterfall” is no exception. But, the problem lies on the songs. Of course, there are some highlights here like “All That Remains” that kicks off the album, “Underneath And Down Below” and the self-titled song, but those are not enough to save the entire album. What “Waterfall” isn’t lacking is technical agility and crystal clear production since Dario is a great player (follower of the Blackmore/Schenker school) and capable producer with his own studio. What’s not there though is emotion, something that’s rather characteristic of all Hughes’ works and collaborations.

Let’s hope that it won’t take them another ten years to work together again and that next time the results are going to be better, close to “Voodoo Hill” and “Wild Seed of Mother Earth” albums.