W.A.N.T.E.D. – Meat’n’Greed

So far Thessaloniki has shown us its recession and talent in hard rock music. W.A.N.T.E.D. come to confirm that with their second album bearing the smart title ‘’Meat n’ Greed’.

These days it is really difficult for a band to manage to combine good production, music and lyrics. But in this case these Thessaloniki-ans (sic) hard rockers are close enough to combine all those three criteria for a good album successfully…

The style that they fit in the most is new American hard rock like Hinder,Buckcherry and in several verses you would  find some Nickelback similarities too .The tracks have catchy choruses and dynamic  guitar solos, a very important combination for a great live show.

The production sounds quite professional but the choice to use so many effects on vocals is a major flaw in my opinion. The singer has quite fitting and loud voice for the style of the songs and it’s a shame to be compromised in any way.

I suggest  to those interested in  ‘’new blood’’ hard rock to pay attention to W. A. N. T. E. D, who with some small improvements may be compared to several well known bands.

The tracks of the ‘’Meat n’ Greed’’ album  that  made  the biggest impression were  “Your Life Your Game” and “No Way We Stop” which could easily become the band’s new  videoclip.