W.E.B. – Tartarus


It was clear from the listening session that the Athenians dark metallers have recorded something very special. Since the release of the album, I listened to it many times and realized that their fourth full-length is their best and most impressive work so far. After a great album three years ago, “For Bidens”, this wasn’t meant to be an easy job, but the managed to do it.

“Tartarus” is extreme, dark, symphonic, atmospheric, majestic. A concept album divided in three parts conceptually and musically, as the first part balances between atmosphere and extremity, the second is more extreme while the third is more atmospheric. Also, there is a…scent of Septicflesh through the album as Christos Antoniou did the orchestral arrangements and Sotiris Vayenas gives his special vocals in “Thanatos Part I – Golgotha”.

W.E.B. didn’t make the mistake to overload the album with the symphonic parts. They are placed in the right spots making the final result even better, but the star here is their own music that could easily stand without them. Some songs that distinguish are the amazing “Dragona” (maybe the best ever written by them), the killer “Morphine For Saints” and “Thanatos Part II – Epitaphios” with the beautiful female vocals.

W.E.B. continue to release great albums and “Tartarus” is the perfect example for this. Excellent work, they considered every detail and this shows how serious this band is about its music and the product that they want to present. The fans of extreme symphonic sound just found one of the best (if not the best) releases in this year.